Property Inspections
Property Inspections

What do your assets look like?
Absolute Asset Management inspection services play a crucial role in providing accurate and up to date information regarding the status of your assets.  Giving you a complete snapshot of your investments day and night.  Inspections provide critical information about the status of your individual investments and their needs. They are the backbone of your investment portfolios agility. They not only protect your bottom line, but assist in making investment choices. Inspections are completed to comply with the highest industry standards, and are adjusted to meet with specific Investor / Insurer needs. Inspections can be deployed on a daily, annually or anywhere in between basis to fulfill their special needs. Absolute Asset Management provides our clients with real time information directly from field inspectors to ensure the highest accuracy percentage known to the industry. While providing these services, great lengths have been taken to be as discreet and low profile as possible. We'd like to think of ourselves as the spies of the industry. Especially, during bankruptcy and no contact inspections. Your investments participants won't even know were there. Pre Investor / Insurer inspections, occupancy status, first time vacancy’s, and property condition exterior visual inspections are just the beginning. We also provide property preservation, interior walkthroughs, and preventative maintenance. Absolute Asset Management gives our clients the whole package, from start to finish, inside and out. And that's Absolute!

Absolute Asset Management Field Inspection Services include but are not limited to:


Property Inspection,
A visual exterior property evaluation consisting of occupancy status verification and a property description, and does not provide interior access. They are completed Per Client instructions, and/or industry guidelines. This type of inspection can be performed at a frequency of your choice.


Bankruptcy Property Inspection,
A low profile, no contact with the mortgagor, property occupant, or third parties, per industry guidelines and Client instructions. A visual Inspection consisting of occupancy verification, exterior property evaluation and a property description with out interior access.


Pre, investment inspection,
Offers A visual exterior property verification per Client guidelines and/or instructions. They are completed with a property description with no interior evaluation.


Property Inspection to Verify Occupancy

Absolute Asset Management will attempt a contact inspection for occupancy with no interior access.  Two attempts to verify the names of the property occupants with neighbors. We will check local phone books and utility listings if contact is not made with the occupant. These types of services can be utilized for eviction proceedings or quality control on other origination.


Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Inspection

When necessary,  Absolute Asset Management will make anapointment with the mortgagor to go over the conditions and terms of the deed in lieu of title transfer.   On the date of transfer, Absolute Asset Management will meet the mortgagor at the property and verify the current property condition, with supporting photo documentation. Thus, verifying that all agredapon conditions and terms are met. Including utilities uesieg, appliances if any, debris, grass cut/snow removed and so on. While taking notation of any property damages and any items needed to be addressed to place the property in compliance/marketable condition. Absolute Asset Management will then immediately secure/winterize the property.


Mobile/Manufactured Home Inspections

Absolute Asset Management will attempt to verify the VIN number and HUD tag.
Identify if the property is affixed to the ground, and provide a property inspection. No interior description is available, unless the property is non-secure and vacant.


Monthly Interior walkthroughs Inspections on Vacant and Secure Properties,
The purpose of interior inspection is to alert the client of any visible damages or situations that, if not addressed, will lead to further issues or Sirius damages resulting in liability situations fines or citations by local municipalities. We provide information on a visual basis. Inspections are done in compliance with the accepted interpretation of the industry guidelines for interior inspections. Interior monthly inspections offer a low budget alternative to pricey comprehensive testing or certification of the property condition.

One, two and three time Contact Attempt Inspections,
Contact inspections are brought forth by lenders and mortgage services alike. Usually, after no response from the borrower by mail or phone. A message will be provided to the borrower with contact information containing the Client's specified phone number and extension. One, two and three-time attempt to Contact are conducted during a property inspection. Occupancy verification is provided per guidelines with a property description and is with out interior evaluations.










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