Many municipalities require a local operator. If the owner's principal place of business, (in the case of an entity, or owner's domicile, in the case of non-entity ownership, or the condominium-resident agent's domicile, in the case of a condominium association,) is outside a predetermined radius of that property. That radius is determined by each local municipality and may very slightly depending on your area. The local operator’s physical address and domicile must be within that predetermined radius of your property.

The local operator’s responsibilities may vary slightly depending on your area. In many cases it is described as a person with charge, care and control of the property with authority to accept notice of violations or enforcement of violations or notices. A local operator is mainly in place to facilitate local communications on be half of owners with local municipalities and the general public.

In addition to local operator services, we currently offer a certified operator program, complete with electronic monitoring and up to the minute email notifications. This program goes above and beyond the facilitation of communications. It certifies that the local operator has an allowable billing allowance of $500 to address or prevent issues as they occur. This is done to maintain or improve the value of the property until the property can be marketed and sold. This program has been proven to reduce financial exposure on vacant properties, through the reduction of violations and other damages. This program may also be used to perform additional maintenance needs and any superintendent functions at that property.


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Here are links to Milwaukee's Department of Neighborhood Services for property recording, vacant building registration and Pre-foreclosure registration.


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