How tall is your grass?

Don't let this happen to you.

Water and mold damage is reducing the value of your investments.
Water damage can significantly reducing value of your investments.
Mold damage can occur at any time reducing value, but is a voidable.
Water and mold damage is a voidable.
Significant water damage will reduce the value of your properties.
Water and mold damage can occur at any time.
This is a liability and unnecessary fines waiting to happen, but voidable.

Absolute Asset Management is a company with over 11 years of personal experience. We may have already worked together, through a third party conglomerate companies. To date, our in house staff and I have completed over 500k services. We are currently able to provide you with superior services and in some cases for far less than your current provider chargers.

The Mortgage Field Service industry has fast become a skilled trade over the years. Particularly, from the field aspect. Do to the vast skill set required to perform many industry tasks. Over the past decade I have personally witnessed increased job requirements and responsibilities placed upon field reps and the subcontractors, with little or no additional instructions or compensation. As a result, unnecessarily prolonging the client’s financial exposure.

Communication, turn around time and preventative measures are crucial, when financial exposure and reputations are on the line. Therefore all in house personal undergo strict on going simulated and real life scenario training of industry protocol and are familiar with municipality statues.

In the rare event a subcontractor is used for their particular expertise. An in house foreman is placed on site to insure the project remains on target.